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【Lune】is relaxation salon, it’s for your hideaway place.
-to relax, with healing music, falling asleep, enjoying the scent.
-use this salon for many kind of purpose
-for treat yourself, stiff body, enjoy relax time

I would like to make it a personal salon that can be physically and mentally relaxed, so please feel free to visit us.

About Lune Nakameguro

-aroma treatment(HOT OIL), Japanese style SEITAI, Thai Massage.
(Please refer to the following MENU description.)

-I have irregular days off. so please to confirm


(1)Aroma Hot Oil Treatment.
You need to take a shower before treatment.

Aroma Oil Treatment Course
90min 16000yen
120min 20000yen
150min 24000yen
180min 28000yen

(2)Body Spa & Aroma Hot Oil Treatment.
You need to take a shower before treatment.
before aroma oil massage, you’re washed your body.

Body Spa Course
100min 20000yen
130min 25000yen
160min 30000yen
190min 35000yen ※this time Repeater only

(3)Thai Massage or Japanese Seitai
You can choose “SEITAI” or “THAI MASSAGE”.
Foot-bath before treatment.

SEITAI or “THAI MASSAGE(non-use oil) ※clothes for treating prepared
30min 3000yen
60min 6000yen


※Cash Only – another system in preparation


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The Nearest St = Nakameguro Station
Tokyu Toyoko Line / Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

Tokyu Toyoko Line
Nakameguro is just 2 stations away from Shibuya Station.
-it takes 5 minutes on foot from nearest St.(=Nakameguro St.)
(After appointment, I send you e-mail or Message about place, The day 1 hour before your appointment time.)