※Reservation Only.

【Lune】is relaxation salon, it’s for your hideaway place.
-to relax, with healing music, falling asleep, enjoying the scent.
-use this salon for many kind of purpose
-for treat yourself, stiff body, enjoy relax time

I would like to make it a personal salon that can be physically and mentally relaxed, so please feel free to visit us.

About Lune Nakameguro

-aroma treatment(HOT OIL), Japanese style SEITAI, Thai Massage.
(Please refer to the following MENU description.)

-I have irregular days off. so please to confirm


(1)Aroma Oil Treatment.
You need to take a shower before treatment.

Aroma Oil Treatment
90min 16000yen
120min 20000yen
150min 24000yen
180min 28000yen

(2)Thai Massage or Japanese Seitai
You can choose “SEITAI” or “THAI MASSAGE”.
Foot-bath before treatment.

SEITAI or “THAI MASSAGE(non-use oil) ※clothes for treating prepared
30分 3000円
60分 6000円
90分 9000円


※Cash Only – another system in preparation


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4.Desired date and time
5.Course & Time


The Nearest St = Nakameguro Station
Tokyu Toyoko Line / Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

Tokyu Toyoko Line
Nakameguro is just 2 stations away from Shibuya Station.
-it takes 5 minutes on foot from nearest St.(=Nakameguro St.)
(After appointment, I send you e-mail or Message about place, The day 1 hour before your appointment time.)